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Ingram Cloud DemandGen Landing Page | Starting at $1500

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Ingram DemandGen Professional Designed Landing Page

Design a landing page with a primary goal, getting viewers to click—smart, clean design, and organized information that is easy to digest. Create calls-to-action that turns viewers into customers. So if it is sales, calls, or a demo that you want, professional web landing pages can help you achieve that goal and increase ROI.

Landing Page Overview

  • Design & Build A Single Web Landing Page
  • Layout and Concept Message
  • Create a CTA that works (call to action)
  • Targeted Customers and Your Goals
  • Create Powerful List-building Opportunities
  • Project Management to Guide You Through the Process

The Process

Custom Landing Page Design

Understanding your campaign’s goals and audience makes it simple for us to execute high-quality custom landing pages for you. We handle all of the details of the design stages, from concept to final hand-off to code and development.

We specialize in conceptualizing original design ideas that bring simplicity and user-friendliness to reach the project goals. The design will incorporate your logo, branding, key product features, and art or photography.

Code and Development

According to the approved design and specifications, a Web Developer will be responsible for the coding of the web landing page. Taking into consideration browsers, mobile-friendliness, user experience, and functionality.

Project Management and Launch

A project manager will oversee the entire life of the project, from conception to live online delivery. Your manager leads the design process by working with a team of graphic designers, writers and web developers. We inform you of any tasks that need to be completed by your company or team. Then we deliver the web product you envision utilizing our seamless process.

Need Help? Special Details, Copy, Photos & Strategy

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