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Pegasus Solar

Pegasus solar was looking for a better way to better handle important marketing initiatives and at the same time gain value.

When Pegasus came to The Agency Orange we first evaluated their specific needs. Next, we rapidly built a virtual team consisting of a professional designer, a world-famous illustrator, a web programmer, a professional writer, a social media master, and a veteran project manager.

All this for less than the cost of one executive-level salary each month, and we never asked for any paid time off, medical insurance, or vacation pay. Meeting at least one day a week to review marketing initiatives together, we were able to improve brand awareness and increase competitive position using the collateral seen below.


Pegasus Ride the Rail T-Shirt

Pegasus Solar Website

Pegasus Sales Brochure

Pegasus Mobile Website

Pegasus Solar Display Ad

Pegasus Solar Customer Portal

Pegasus Solar Responsive Website

Pegasus Solar T-Shirt

Pegasus Rail T-Shirt


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