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Wendel Rosen

It is not often you get the chance to revolutionize the brand of a 110-year old California law firm, but that is exactly what we were fortunate enough to do. It was not a job we took lightly.

The project began with a new firm logo and a set of modern brand guidelines. Next, we tackled building a responsive website capable of housing the information and practice areas for over 60 experienced attorneys. Today, Wendel Rosen uses the new brand to promote its services to clients throughout California.

Wendel Rosen Website

A modern approach for a 100-year-old Oakland, California law firm

Wendel Rosen Magazine

Design and layout for the Wendel Rosen Magazine.

Wendel Rosen Kiosk Ad

A bus kiosk ad promoting a 100-year old law firm in the Bay Area.

Wendel Rosen Day Planner

Leather bound corporate folders

Wendel Rosen Golf Balls

Tournament golf balls featuring the Wendel Rosen logo

Wendel Rosen Fleece Pullover

Tournament golf fleece featuring the Wendel Rosen logo

Wendel Rosen Water Bottle

Branded schwag for clients and vendors

Wendel Rosen Polo Shirt

Tournament polo golf shirt featuring the Wendel Rosen logo

Wendel Rosen Print Ad

Create and layout a 50-year anniversary ad for print.


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